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We visualize campaign finance data for local Oakland elections.

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About ODCa - Welcome!

Welcome to Open Disclosure California (ODCa)! ODCa is California’s first online source for local campaign finance data from city and counties across the state. ODCa combines campaign finance data from local cities and counties to create a comprehensive picture about who is influencing elections state-wide. We track contributions and expenditures to candidates and ballot measures at the local level. We hope to be ready for the 2018 Election Season.

Our site is live at
Mock-ups are here: version 25

Help wanted

Open Disclosure is a group of volunteer civic hackers passionate about open data, transparency and shining light on the funding that fuels California’s electoral campaigns. We're currently working with Code for America Brigades and volunteers across California to create a website that any community in the state can use to make their campaign finance data transparent and easy to understand.

We're looking for help across the board, technical and non-technical background. Let us know if you can help, or look through our user stories on Waffle for something interesting.

  • Ruby and SQL developers
  • JavaScript developers
  • CSS architects
  • Campaign finance experts
  • Data analysts
  • Community organizers
  • Project manager skills, planning, and guidance

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Slack is our main channel of project communication. You don’t need an invitation—all are welcome.

Past Campaign Finance Disclosure Sites

City of Oakland

A project by OpenOakland and the Public Ethics Commission displaying data for the 2014 Mayoral Election

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City and County of San Francisco

A project by Code for San Francisco for the 2014 San Francisco Elections


City of San Jose

2014 San Jose Election Money Trail, a project by Code for San Jose


State of Oregon

Behind The Curtain, a project by Hack Oregon

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State of Alabama

Open Disclosure Alabama, a project by Code for Birmingham

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State of Illinois

Illinois Sunshine by The Illinois Campaign for Political Reform

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San Francisco Ballot Measures

Financial and voter support for San Francisco Ballot Measures


2013 NYC Mayoral Election

Inforgraphics prepared by the New York Times

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